Haider Shamsi & Co., Chartered Accountants was formed in 1986 and Haider Shamsi & Associates (Private) Limited was incorporated in 1994 under the Companies Ordinance 1984 (Now Companies Act, 2017).
We, at Haider Shamsi, provide ‘management consultancy’ services to our clients in diverse fields with a special focus on value creation for them. It is always our effort to not only focus on our clients’ immediate needs but also on their long term requirements. We are always conscious of developing solutions that are practical, businesslike and are capable of implementation within a reasonable time scale.
Haider Shamsi also assists her clients in the development and execution of appropriate business strategies with the objective of helping them to enhance their overall performance and to help them achieve competitive edge.

Leadership and governance

Haider Shamsi derives its success from the collective expertise, knowledge and skills of its leadership representing a group of highly successful and dynamic professionals.
  • Board of Directors
    • Dilshad Haider
    • Moiz Haider Shamsi
    • Syed Mahir Alam
  • Executive Committee
    • Moiz Haider Shamsi
    • M. Asim Ansari
    • Syed Mahir Alam

Vision, Mission, Values

Our primary objective is to add value in customer business, customer satisfaction and to assists in business and economic development activity related to customer business by providing timely, relevant and expert professional services and advice.
We are committed towards:
  • developing and maintaining a professional practice with very high professional and ethical standards
  • developing long term relationships with our clients through providing high quality services
  • practicing honesty and fairness in all our dealings and to fully respect the laws
  • providing facilities and resources for training and development of students, trainees and professional personnel