Data is a hard nut to crack, but the right tools can unlock crystal ball-like insight. ACL’s analytic server can access, blend and analyze any data to feed your crystal ball and give you the deep insights necessary to improve performance.

Data is pervasive and so is the BI technology used to analyze it … so why is it so difficult to start, and what’s holding organizations back from turning data into a competitive advantage? Data access and blending is 80% of the job, but becomes incredibly challenging and expensive when many tools are involved. And knowing what questions to ask your data to get the right insight—in context of your risk and control domain—is critical. ACL technology has been solving these challenges for more than 30 years and provides assurance and performance insight over process, risk, control and compliance areas.

Our server technology helps you build a centralized platform for collaborative team-based work, automated data extraction and blending with IT-trusted connections, and continuous monitoring programs to analyze massive data feeds. Find hidden anomalies and uncover strategic risks that threaten your organization—with the big data-crunching power and sustainability of a platform solution.

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